Traces of You

Traces of You is a suite of objects that consider how the digital might be integrated into material practices of grieving and looking back at the loss of a loved one. 

“The places you went…” is a digital tapestry stitched from the data memories of the departed. Using GPS trails & geotagged data, the deceased are remembered through their travels and trajectories. Open and available data is collected from multiple sources, generating a memory-trail to be stitched by the bereaver. The material practice of stitching serves as ceremony and observance as well as a tangible record of meaningful location-based data.

“All the things you said…” is an email plug-in offering a meaningful way of looking back at archived conversations with a person. The application archives and encapsulates your Gmail conversation history with a lost loved one, allowing you an opportunity to sift through memories and interactions through select snippets of conversation.

“Vestigial Flicker” is an ambient display object that considers the digital “afterlife” of a deceased person online. Listening for network activity concerning a departed loved one, whenever a person is mentioned, searched for, or referenced online, the flicker of flame alerts the living that someone, somewhere is thinking of those who have departed us.