Project Threee aims to open gateways for young people who feel alienated from society by offering short-term internship opportunities. The goal is to provide them with the exposure and confidence to find constructive and stable positions in society.

The service is designed to be provided by the Municipality. Employers from the public and private sectors can use the service to create internship positions within a certain guideline that ensures the goals of the service are met. 

Young people are targeted through campaigns in youth centers located in the different neighborhoods. Together with social workers in the centre, participants create their profile on the service and receive basic training before they start applying for the offered internships.

After signing up for Threee, participants can access the service on their smartphones and on the web. Employers will upload internships and provide details such as location, pay, and working hours. Participants can then browse the offers and filter them based on their preferences. To apply for a certain internship, users need to write a short cover letter.

The internship takes place in three stages: The shadow intern, the active intern, and the experienced intern. Reviews are given at the end of each stage in the form of points and badges. By giving early feedback, participants are given motivation or critique that help them develop. If needed, employers can contact the youth center where the user is registered to involve the social workers in handling any issues.

Threee is a based on partnerships structured for a win-win situation. Young people will gain skills and connectedness, while employers participate in shaping their future workforce, gain community recognition, and fulfill their responsibility towards society.

Project Threee is a result of an interaction design process starting with an in-depth research to fully understand the problem, followed by iteration of conceptualising, designing and user-testing. Identifying the needs and designing an approachable service is essential to keep users engaged all the way through.