The Indoor Farming Society

An open source plant database and community, that connects green house nursery gardeners with users, to make it easy and successful to be an indoor gardener.

The Indoor Farming Society is an open source knowledge sharing database and cultivation manual, it contains the information you need to engage with indoor farming, whether you are a scientist, a nursery gardener, an entrepreneur or are about to plant your first seeds.

The System

The core of the system is a species specific plant wiki, used by scientists to collaborate and publish their research. Biology is extremely complex and plants behave very differently when grown in northern Africa or Copenhagen. The availability of sustainable cultivation substrates, equipment and organic fertilisers vary from place to place.

Nusery gardeners combine wiki information, with their experience and knowledge about the local climate when cultivating their plants. Currently their knowledge never reaches the end user, and is currently lost in the distribution and sale channels. The Indoor Farming Society provides the nursery gardeners with a streamlined homepage containing plant information, pre-made cultivation icons and a social platform, where the customers through discussions, manuals and photos, can inspire and help each other. When selling their plants through distribution channels, a carefully designed label describes the best cultivation conditions for that plant and links, through a branded QR-code, to the nursery gardeners homepage, where further information can be found.


The service empowers users to integrate and sustain the complexity of nature in their homes and go beyond the ornamental value of the plants. It provides an open source knowledge sharing platform that can be used by entrepreneurs to get a feel of the latest trends, find cultivation knowledge and potential partners. Scientists can ask questions and provide a specific data-collection method to the user community, gaining more knowledge on cultivation conditions and experimental replicates than they could possible perform or maintain in a laboratory.

The Indoor Farming Society demonstrates how to integrate knowledge, economic and social value chains into an open source platform – and hopefully drive a development where biology in the future is more integrated into our lives and architecture and thus contribute to health, beauty and complexity in everyday life.


The plant labels and website information was co-created with nursery gardeners.

The project where prototyped by development of a community connected to the local makerspace Connect on facebook to get inspiration, knowledge  and updates.

Knowledge complexity and information levels where prototyped through two workshops held in Labitat. The slides from the workshops are available for you to explore and learn more about indoor farming: