Peek Lab

Peek Lab is a concept webshop that explores the relationships that people develop with their belongings. It is a collection of structures that support emotional connections with objects.


Why do we love the things that we love? People’s stories about their mementos and relics revealed patterns. All of their anecdotes were composed of elements that shape irreplaceable objects: history, patina, functionality, and aesthetics.

Six objects were designed with these elements in mind, increasing the likelihood of emotional attachment. But perhaps it is not only the objects themselves that invite relationships but also the way in which we relate to them.

Peek Lab is a platform that uses those six objects to experiment with the experience of online shopping.

The internet is a valuable space for small businesses and craftsmen to spread the word about their work. However, there is a sensory gap between the experiences of opening the cover of a fresh notebook, and clicking “next image”. With these disconnects, makers are finding it difficult to communicate the value of their products and consumers are finding it difficult to understand them. The further technology takes us away from a tangible experience, the more important the tangible experience becomes.

The timeline of an object’s life, from when it is desired to when it is disposed, is full of missed opportunities of connection with consumers. Peek Lab fills these voids with actions that address the topics of:

– establishing emotional connections prior to the object’s physical existence
– building confidence in assessing the physical ‘quality’ of an object
– time as a fundamental value in the making of and connecting to objects

An experience prototype was done with customers, and makers were approached with the question of how they would implement such practices in their business. Opinions from both lead to new ideas about where the research could be taken to next – for example, how would the elements of connection and values of Peek Lab be received in an industrialized setting? The exploration that was done during the project developed thoughts and themes that could be applied to promote ideas from brand loyalty to sustainability.


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