With changes in technology, our ability to share has increased. However, most of the sharing systems currently in place are primarily for physical objects and spaces such as clothing, tools, bedrooms and cars. However, the less tangible elements – such as knowledge, experience, expertise and networks – are not as easily shared and accessed. keen is an exploration into an online platform that enables people to collaborate and share knowledge to collectively strengthen ideas.

Within the platform, there are two possible forms of involvement by the participants. First is through the crowdsourcing bits of knowledge. This is accomplished by enabling people with ideas to ask specific questions about an idea or issues that they may have come across. This enables others viewing their project a way that they can directly contribute answers or feedback. This form of interaction is small, short and requires minimal commitment or investment by either party.

The second way in which people can get involved is when a person with an idea has knowledge gaps and are looking for people to help fill it in. The return of becoming involved with an idea will be determined by the parties, whether it is through equity, payment or otherwise.