Huddle is a web and mobile service which works before, during and after networking events. It allows the event organisers to easily provide attendees the access to data about each other, guests and speakers while making sure this data is handled in a very discrete manner which is connected to the event.

What Huddle does, is create a temporary social network before and during the event where people can see who else would be, or is at the event. So before the event you can look up the profiles of other people who would be at the event, and earmark the ones so that you don’t forget about them when you’re actually at the event.

During the event attendees can have their introductions be available to everyone else and keep a tab on the people they’ve met and the people the would like to. The introductions can be made available either as short video pitches, no longer than 20 secs or a more conventional text description of what you’re at the event for. Compared to text descriptions, which tend to be dry, videos may convey a richer sketch of your character which might ease the other person into having a conversation with you, or give them a sense of familiarity. Huddle also keeps a track of the activity on social networks connected to the event and the people who indeed are present there.

After the event, the same amount of information is no longer shared. The service, though provides the means to contact the people you ‘huddled’ with during the event and add them onto your other social networks for longer correspondence.