User interface for the partially blind


Sonivivi is a mobile application that helps the partially blind, especially those who have recently lost their eye sight, to become more confident in their everyday life. It does this by improving their sense of hearing and by encouraging them to be self-sufficient.
Since it is intended for use by the visually impaired, Sonivivi has an interface that does not rely on sight. Using gestural input and sound as output, the application allows the partially blind to train their listening skills.

Sonivivi is a simple and playful training game that incorporates 3-D stereo sound to position sounds in space. It offers an simpler and less labour intensive alternative to more traditional methods such as learning to play an instrument. While it is primarily designed for use by the partially blind, Sonivivi can also be of use to the elderly or anyone who wants to train their hearing.

This project is work in progress. Daim is interested in universal design for the disabled or the elderly who could use the benefits of technology to enhance their lives.

* 3-D streo sound : binaural sound