Seam City

Service design for the city, you and me.


Seam City is a collaborative city planning tool for local residents and planning authorities in Copenhagen. The service encourages citizens to contribute and develop possible futures for their local area within the city. The current urban planning process makes it difficult for citizens to contribute positively to a discussion and the development of their city.

Seam City allows citizens to have varying levels of involvement they can voice their opinions, capture, critique and share ideas or simply applaud those they are inspired by. These actions can be achieved while out in the city using, Text messages and MMS, the Seam City photo application and Go-cards or by using the Seam City community website. As people begin to talk, discuss and envision their ideas, Idea hotspots will start to pop up all over the city, offering people to explore what fellow citizens have imagined for their city in the past, present and for the future.

As the Seam City community expands the website acts as a hub that not only collects the diversity of opinions and ideas, but will map them to visualise the weight of what the city is dreaming and talking about. This platform for action provides city planners and local authorities with unique insight into the desires and aspirations of citizens – allowing them to understand how to best shape a local area that will promote respectful behaviour and a feeling of pride amongst those living there. 

As ideas are generated and applauded they can either be developed by the Municipality into future strategies for urban planning or nurtured by citizens into local initiatives through a grass roots approach. In both cases all engaged citizens will receive a project imprint from the Municipality summing up the future action plan for the project – a gesture to thank them for their involvement, to foster a feeling of empowerment, and to encourage them to keep contributing through Seam City.