Bringing families together in an imaginary world through storytelling.


Saga is a platform for storytelling and free play in the family. It creates a connection between children and their parents independently of time and place. The platform encourages people to use their imagination and is available in the home at all times so family members can use it when they time and a good idea that they want to share with their family.

The interests in the family and the capabilities of the children and parents will change and advance the play over a period of time and it is only their imagination that sets the boundaries.

Over time, these stories will build up and establish the family story album which can be reviewed online. The album is full of family audio memories that reflect how the children’s language and interests has developed and how the parents nurtured this development.

The interactions are built on the mental model of the cup phone which is a playful toy which both parents and children recognise. When it is upside-down it is off, when close to the ear it plays the last thing recorded quietly and louder if away from the ear, in order to go back it should be turned off and on again quickly and to record the tail should be pulled.

The field research was carried out in close relations with families and grandparents who also later were presented with various prototypes and experience prototypes. The movie was made as documentation of the experience testing.

Insights from research
– Toys do nots invite parent to play. A lot of toys are age specific and do not appeal aesthetically nor experience wise to parents.
– Parents and children can play with the same toy without playing in the same way. Meaning that children find their ideas and motives for play in their imagination where adults mostly fiddle and stay in reality.
– It is hard to arrange quality time on a daily base in families. Meaning that play and quality time should take a new definition to fit the modern family.
– Stories are a powerful use of the imagination and can bring together parents and children. Meaning that the parents are 100% present when reading to their children or creating stories with them because you cannot read or use your imagination and think of practicalities at the same time.

Advisor: Ishac Bertran