Nudge Me

Nudge me tries to leverage the capabilities of already existing consumer level technology in the scope of healthcare and wellbeing.


What possibilities can be brought into the diagnosis, treatment and wellbeing of patients by moving these phases from the clinics and hospitals into everyday life? Where should the diagnosis and treatment begin and where should they end? In this transition, how should the touchpoints of these new services behave to create a long-term behaviour change for the user and make them understand why they do what they have to do? These were some of the questions that served as a guide for the studies during the project.

For the first phase, the area of focus was postural problems related to inappropriate ways and durations of sitting down especially in front of the computer. As observed during user interviews and testing, there seems to be no real feedback mechanism that observes the user and gives hints about the posture and the time spent when concentrated on a given task.

This project tries to find the most basic input mechanisms to keep track of the user and display this data in a meaningful (both tangible and graphical) way to make the user be aware of their posture and long-term behaviors to understand the possible problems that may arise in the future.