Explorations in menstruation – acting on the most intimate aspect of women’s lives.


Imens is a service concept. It aims to empower women by providing them with a richer, more enjoyable perception of menstruation.

The Imens system accompanies women on a journey to a better experience of their menstrual cycle – providing them with a richer, more enjoyable perception of their femininity.

It holds value for many by making incremental improvements to everyday challenging situations.

Tackling different aspects of women’s lives, the Imens service offerings are three-fold: social, health and wellbeing and practical.


At the heart of Imens is a social interactions platform encouraging women to connect in close networks or constellations to support one another and turn their period into an engaging social moment of the month.

As they choose to share their calendar with each other, Imens helps them find interesting times to interact, meet or simply send a message.

A fraction of the monthly subscription fee goes to a shared fund: every month, one member is given a present chosen by her fellows. They can also decide to arrange an event for her.

—Health and wellbeing—

Imens provides a personal health monitoring tool, a flexible and easy-to-use online and mobile ecosystem, to better map and understand your menstrual cycle. It helps you listen to your body, map your cycle over time, better predict and cope with recurring issues.

Imens also lets you leverage the knowledge of the group’s members, should you have health and wellbeing-related questions. If no one has the answer, the group is offered the possibility to ask online health professionals approved by Imens.

— Practical —

The subscription-based service aims at turning menstruation into a more seamless experience by addressing mundane –yet essential– needs.

A tailor-made kit, that is both practical and for pampering yourself, is delivered monthly to your door. You can order online, in a single interface, all the goods that you associate to your period: sanitary napkins and tampons, painkillers, but also your favourite food or movie tickets. A loyalty program rewards you with surprise deliveries every once in a while.

This project was initiated to challenge the boundaries of Interaction Design and to apply its process and methods to one of the most ancient, intimate and taboo part of the human bodily cycles.

Drawing on an extensive user research phase, interviewing over 40 respondents and testing the design concepts on a group of women, all the solutions proposed in the Imens system are rooted in ‘real-life’ feedback.

One of the main challenges of this final project resided in the difficulty of communicating a service design concept, hence the focus put onto the storytelling tools, video and animation to get this complex set of ideas across to as broad an audience as possible.