Sharing precious moments through playful origami


How do you share an extreme experience?

To some people, ‘extreme’ means jumping out of an airplane, for others it’s trying a new food. For most people, sharing the story of their extreme experience is just as much fun as having it in the first place.

People have extreme experiences every day, but how can you share yours with those around you and really make them feel like they were right there with you?

Challi’s allows you to capture the memorable moments from experiences in your everyday life and share them with those around you. There are many ways you can use Challi’s, but whether you’ve received one as a gift or you’ve purchased it for yourself, it works just the same.

Challi’s comes with some suggestions to get you started, but the possibilities are endless. Record a personal message inside each of the folds. Fold it back up, and either hand it off as a gift to someone else, or take it with you yourself.

Bring Challi’s along and when you’re ready, record each of your experiences with the press of a button. Challi’s can only record short clips, so choose wisely!

Challi’s helps you capture salient memories, brings a little spontaneous fun into your everyday and allows you to share these experiences back with others.