A Graffiti Markup Language Field Recorder



The µtagger is an open source project built on the Arduino platform that allows graffiti artists to capture their movements and gestures and utilize that gesture data to visualize their tags, create animations, or generate laser cut or 3D printed sculptures.

The body of the µtagger can simply be press fit onto a spray paint can, and the tagging is triggered by a capacitive sensor attached to the top of the spray paint cap. The µtagger logs all of its data to an microSD card in a markup format called Graffiti Markup Language, which was created to allow a simple representation of graffiti in a markup based format.

More information Graffiti Markup Language can be found at http://www.graffitimarkuplanguage.com. Because the µtagger utilizes widely available and inexpensive components, it can be built for
around 100 Euros. The bill of materials, thorough build instructions, wiring diagrams, and all the necessary code are available at http://thefactoryfactory.com/mtagger.

A second version is underway which will allow anyone to purchase a printed and assembled circuit board that they can use to explore movement and gesture in tagging, drawing, or any other situation that involves moving across a large flat surface. We hope to have this second printed board available for sale by the middle of 2012.