Mette & Marco – OnRoute

The aim of the video prototyping class was to test different film techniques. The brief was to create a video scenario for an imaginary service called On-Route. On-Route makes it possible for people to help each other by completing small tasks. The team developed two videos: one was low-fi while the second was more elaborated.

The aim of the first video was to make a quick prototype (in one day) explaining the service with only few resources. The team chose to adopt stop-motion as a technique because none of them had any previous experience with it. Stop-motion appeared to be rather straightforward and this allowed them to put more emphasis on the explanation of the On-Route service.

After having done the low resolution movie, a new high resolution movie explaining the same service had to be produced in two days. The team chose to go in a new direction to push themselves to learn planning, live filming, and doing interviews.

The idea of showing the whole movie backwards truly pushed them to play with the structure of the narration, with timings, and with speed. Rewinding the whole movie turned out to be not as clear as expected in some scenes and, for this reason, some scenes were played forward. During the final screening the general feeling was success although more time would have allowed a deeper exploration of such techniques.