Happy City

In this one-week skills-based course on video prototyping, two video prototypes communicating the same service design concept were created.

The preliminary aspiration was to produce a low resolution and low fidelity video prototype with an emphasis on explaining and developing our service design concept, Happy City in a “quick and dirty” manner. The team worked with a simple yet distinct sketching style and filmed the video in one take while telling the story with a voice-over narration.

In this initial process, the video prototype worked as a way to collaboratively explore different understandings of the concept. This allowed further ideas to be developed in to a more refined concept. Though the overall result ended up being a little too comic, it still provided a nice storyboard for further development. A new style for the same concept was used for the second video prototype.

The second video-prototype was made in one and a half days. The goal was to create a high resolution and high fidelity video prototype that communicated the service design concept, Happy City in a refined and lucid fashion. A documentary-like style was adopted and an interview with a guy acting as a Happy City user explains how he has been using Happy City.

This narrative style created a sense of authenticity and immediacy, which suited the concept well. After Effects were used to elucidate the details of the concept further and visually supplement the Happy City user’s explanations by showing interfaces and symbols as he spoke.