The Droplet

The Droplet is a glucose monitor for people who have recently been diagnosed with diabetes and are in the process of learning how to manage their disease, their symptoms, and their lifestyle.

Living a healthy life with diabetes requires that patients become experts in their condition and perform self care on a daily basis. The Droplet provides a simple and discrete way to become familiar with the ways in which routines and habits affect the blood sugar level and overall wellbeing.

The interaction is simple with five different categories that can be tracked based on the patients’ own estimate and judgement. The Droplet allows a personal way to adapt to diabetes – where the patient alone is in charge of analyzing daily routines.

The Droplet can be connected to a simple graphical user interface where the user can get an overview of how routines and habits correlates with the blood sugar level. We developed the Droplet in response to the difficulty, anxiety, and confusion that the recently diagnosed often feel. By providing a simple interface to their own experience and information about their symptoms and how that relates to their lives.