Fruit Flip

Fruit Flip is a simple service product that inspires people to eat healthy fruit and vegetables in new ways by providing hints and tips through intuitive interaction. The Fruit Flip connects to a simple service that delivers fresh, organic fruit and vegetables to your home on a weekly basis and aims to foster knowledge for a healthy, balanced diet.

The contents of the produce delivered by the service is registered with the Fruit Flip via RFID; communicating types of fruit or vegetables and their weight. When a piece of fruit or vegetable is removed, the Fruit Flip detects the change in weight and is able to understand which piece has been taken, based upon which the Fruit Flip delivers a recommendation from its ‘roll of recipes’.

Simply rocking the Fruit Flip back and forth allows you to randomly present a new recipe using the object. Even when not actively using the Fruit Flip, it still provides random suggestions in an attempt to catch the attention of anyone in the vicinity.

Fruit Flip was developed as part of the Tangible User Interface module at CIID where the team used a process starting with user research into people’s eating habits and inspiring positive change in their diets. From understanding the context and extracting insights from the research, the team developed ideas, video prototyped iterations of ideas, conducted user validation testing and built a working prototype.