Urban Sensor ISO

Our project’s goals were to make the specificity of place into specificity of data and show how that would enrich lives for the residents of a city, and allow businesses to utilize that data to create services and applications.

The project was in two parts. First, a standard to describe and allow access to every urban sensor, and a simplified color barcode that could readable at very low resolutions to allow individual addressing of each sensor. We created a proof of concept iPhone application in C++ that would read in these color-coded barcodes and turn the data into a Ipv6 address.

Second, a potential scenario using a fictional company called Urbannode that demonstrates how an open sensor ISO would allow both a business to create data products for citizens to explore and interact with the urban sensors around them. We believe that opening the characteristics of and data feeds from urban sensors create opportunities for commercial and civic engagement in urban spaces, that ultimately can help make cities better places to live.