We designed Telight after exploring and questioning the objects that exist in the urban scape of Copenhagen, Denmark.

We were in particular captured by the fading role of telephone booths. We asked ourselves: ‘who should people call through a public phone when they already have a mobile phone in their pockets?’. We realised that it must be someone deeply missed and consistently unreachable.

At the same time we also happened to think about the dark winters in scandinavian cities, which make the sun something to long for.

So we asked ourselves: ‘what if telephone booths allowed you to get in touch with the sun?’.

Telight is a service that delivers artificial sunlight directly in a telephone booth. Users can access Telight simply by dialing a particular three-digit phone number.

Telight exploits the network of booths to make citizens aware of the service itself. For each “call to the sun”, the sun tries to reach a citizen near an unused telephone booth, offering her or him the gift of artificial sunlight.