LEaD the way

Emergency vehicles lose precious minutes on every ride as they dodge traffic. What if car drivers, cyclists and pedestrians were pre-warned through a sequence of lights?

Everyone would react appropriately and give way to the emergency vehicles – and resume one’s journey safely after they have passed.

LEaD the way is a system that build s on the existing infrastructure of the city – in this case the mesh of street lights – using it as a grid of pixels over the roads. By tracking both emergency calls and ambulances, police cars and firetrucks’ GPS, a control centre sends luminous signals throughout the city in advance of emergency vehicles.

The LED lights flash to indicate that an emergency vehicle is approaching, and change colour to signal that normal traffic may resume.

This simple urban design concept allows both emergency professionals and users of the city to benefit from LEaD the way, as it removes the element of surprise in their daily whereabouts; pacifying drivers, bikers and pedestrians and making the traffic more secure.

While choosing to add a functionality to a mundane public service of our cities, we aimed for uncompromising design drawing on existing technologies; making LEaD the way a project for the present day.