Copenhagen Notes

Copenhagen Notes is a message system that repurposes existing public objects. It enables people to communicate and share their thoughts by sending and receiving messages throughout the city. Notes are written using ATM’s and the notes get send to a cloud network. When the receiver uses his or her credit card, the note is printed on the credit card receipt – creating a serendipitous moment of discovery.

Any public machine with a printer and a card reader can be used to receive messages from. For example credit card machines, parking machines, ticket vending machines and ATM’s. These are all single purpose devices that people in cities interact with on a daily basis. We believe there is a strong design opportunity in utilising these machines and their networked capabilities to contribute to the creation of richer and more expressive infrastructures and experiences in the city.

The layout and design of the message itself honors the simple text based style of receipts. We used the capabilities of thermal printers as design constraints and developed a simple style that is only distinguished from the rest of the receipt by the two enlarged quotation marks followed by the message and sender details.