Work CPH

The WorkCPH service communicates via mobile app or SMS to guide the traveler through their business trip, anticipating their needs and providing useful offers and information, while the WorkCPH offices provide a private and comfortable personalized working space in the city and in the airport. Our service provides a secretary you can access with your phone and an office you can use in the city or the airport to make working while travelling less stressful and more productive

Who is it for?
WorkCPH aids budget business travelers who travel frequently for work through CPH but do not have access a flagship airline rewards private lounge. These travellers fly up to 20 days a month but are rarely rewarded by their airlines for their patronage. WorkCPH is a way for the airport to intervene and provide a service and rich data to these travelers, making CPH a better place to work.

Why is it Valuable?
WorkCPH provides travelers with real-time information whether they’re booking office spaces or not, as an incentive to use the WorkCPH office spaces, and as a reward to the traveler for using CPH Airport. If a traveler decides to book the WorkCPH space they have a quiet location to get online, make calls, and work, while receiving notifications and data that they may need through the mobile service.

How does it work?
After signing up with the WorkCPH service customers are asked to submit their preferences: how they travel, their privacy settings, what sort of beverages they would like with an office space when they book one, and their contact info. Forwarding an airline confirmation to the service registers a flight with the WorkCPH service and the application allows you to book transport to CPH and an office space as soon as the flight is confirmed.

The day of the flight WorkCPH gives up a wake-up call, arranges transportation for you, and if you’ve booked an office space, provides a quiet place to work with a beverage of your choice for just the amount of time that you might have at the airport. In the case of delays, your stay at the WorkCPH office can be extended automatically and information from the airline and airport can be routed through the application.