Welcome CPH

CPH Welcome is a service offering arrival passengers at Copenhagen Airport a warmer personal welcome experience. Through a simple website interface travelers passing through CPH airport can choose to have a personal escort welcome them upon arrival with a customised deck of information cards to support their onward journey in the city of Copenhagen.

CPH Welcome is targeted at first-time or frequent travelers to Copenhagen who book online and are interested in a little pre-planning to achieve a more inspiring welcome experience at the airport and onward on their journey in Copenhagen.

CPH Welcome is bridging the gap between the level of service passengers expect onboard and what they experience on the ground while finding and reclaiming luggage, as well as figuring out how to take the right transportation with the right ticket at the right time.

Service Design is about zooming-in and out, all the time. It’s about one system blending into the next. In a team, it’s about framing things the same way yet experiencing them differently. Thinking in systems of reality and layers of interpretation can be good in analysis, but prototyping experiences means that thinking with your head is often not enough.

Sometimes you need to let your body do the thinking for you. Ask yourself, are you treating the system or the symptoms of the system? Are you over-interpreting or missing out on something? Are you even heading the right direction?

You never know unless you experience it yourself and share that experience effectively and inspiringly. Experience prototyping helped us test our hypotheses and quickly experiment with behaviours. Mapping observations and giving them new expression helped us define our ideas and get inspired.

Our final solution builds on small symbolic gestures that help provide a warm welcome to arriving passengers. The potential energy in these seemingly small exchanges comes to life through experience prototyping rather than staring at one’s Post-Its.

During the prototyping experience we came across people of many different backgrounds, but through testing we learned that their information needs are actually quite similar. Meeting these needs can be a challenge for individuals, who often have to rediscover solutions at each new airport. First impressions are important, and people appreciate small gestures. Our service is here to provide solutions from the airport to the city.