The SwapHub is a service provided by Copenhagen Airport for passengers who wish to experience air travel in a different way.

We rely on values of trust, civism and reciprocity – highly prised in Scandinavia – to offer passengers the opportunity to exchange personal items on their way to or from a flight.

The SwapHub is both an online community, allowing travellers from around the world to share tips about their trip, and a network of stations in CPH Airport where they can exchange items.
The SwapHub offers a friendly, collaborative platform to get in touch with fellow travellers. You can optimise cabin luggage by exchanging items you no longer have a use for, as well as share insiders travel tips.

Using the hub is as easy as browsing the deposited items, evaluating which of your possessions you’re willing to exchange, printing out a stick-on label, writing a short description and tearing off the stub – which contains a reference number to the object.

Once away from the SwapHub, you can consult the website, browse the objects you previously swapped and get in touch with the other “Swappers” – to feel part of a community of travellers.

We apprehended many different aspects of service design and how every touchpoint can influence a user’s journey dramatically.

In an environment we thought lacked well-designed experiences, the airport, we observed that minor tweaks greatly impact the user’s perception of a service.

An intricate collection of delicate interactions make for a seamless, fulfilling experience, and demands numerous competences. This project demonstrated the need for a multi-disciplinary design team – which was in this case composed of a graphic designer, a computer scientist and an economist/product designer. This combination of skills produced all the facets of a service while keeping the right balance between objective analysis and empathy.