Taught by two of the founders of Arduino – Massimo Banzi and David A. Mellis – alongside CIID’s David Gauthier, this two-week class introduced students to different techniques used to prototype interactive artifacts using the Arduino platform.

A Week In Making from Mac Oosthuizen on Vimeo.

Week one was spent learning the basics of Arduino. The students were set a number of micro-projects allowing them to explore the different features of Arduino. Each morning people presented the project they had done the previous day. This was followed by another installment of Arduino knowledge to ensure a constant learning-by-doing philosophy.

The second week was dedicated to project work. Groups spent the first day brainstorming ideas and went straight in to the prototyping phase. The project work was free-form and each group followed their own design process. Bill Verplank was present at the critique via skype.

Keywords: Arduino, Physical Computing, Prototyping, Learning, Learn-by-Doing, Museums, Interactive Exhibit