The Story…

Human beings seem to be in a steady state of turbulence with the nature and environment around them. Soon there might be a time when the earth stops being self-sustaining and will need some sort of human intervention for all the natural processes.

What if human beings were to engage in photosynthesis? What if we were to live in the upper atmosphere replenishing the ozone layer?…

What kind of Bio-design or Accelerated evolution would be necessary to actually enable human beings to engage in these processes? ….This is the question we try to answer with our exploration.

HomoChlorophyllus is a genetically modified human being whose skin is being converted to a photosynthetic membrane. He is selected at birth, through a screening process, which determines whether the body would adapt to the bio-engineering around him. Slowly with age, his skin transforms its appearance as we have tried to show.

We were intrigued by thinking about the new structure of social classes which would be based on these modifications and accelerated evolution, and the way we think about our bodies and people around us.