I LIVEsterbro

From the outset, the team resolved to gain as many perspectives on life in Vesterbro as possible. A total of nine interviews were conducted and views on daily life were collected to understand the positives and negatives of life in the area.

Almost all respondents took great pride in Vesterbro but the diverse population appeared to be living ‘side by side’, not necessarily ‘hand in hand’. After a series of brainstorming sessions, some concepts intended to increase awareness of community initiatives were then taken to co-creation sessions with selected respondents. Through these co-creation sessions further potential and some pitfalls of the concepts emerged.

The team found that their personal perspectives, being totally new to the area and city, added some value to the project alongside the insights gained from respondents within the community. Far from trying to understand the full scale of the issues at hand, they became comfortable looking for small inspiration in the conversations with the community. Alongside the rewarding process of meeting and presenting to community stakeholders the team learned skills in storytelling and synthesis, identification of design opportunities, concept development and co-creation.