Post-It Phone

Students worked in teams of three to imagine new mobile interaction scenarios around a theme/context. Each partner applied a stack of twenty or so post-it notes to the screen of their personal hand-held and draw interface states on each. As the interaction scenario was acted out, the notes were peeled off as the reciprocal actions unfolded.

The task was to collaboratively plan a weekend trip by train from Copenhagen to Stockholm. One component of the interface had be audio feedback (input and output)— which students needed to act out using voice. The solution was not allowed to be the use of existing mobile/web services.

Students mapped out the interaction accounting for the limitations/capabilities of their existing mobile devices (including screen size, web connectivity, data plan, keypad vs. touchscreen…)

Inspired by Matt Cottam’s CIID workshop 2009

Concepts explored: Human-Human Interaction, Collaborative Work, Networks, Graphical User Interface, Telepresence, Information Architecture, Real-time, Handheld Devices, State Machines.