Card Game

Students worked in teams of three. Each team was given three stacks of cards (yellow, red and blue). The red cards had user types: oil lobbyist, grassroots politician, plumber, etc. The yellow cards had sensors: temperature, humidity, colour, etc. The blue cards had situations: a job interview, on the beach, at a wedding, etc. The goal was to match three cards and develop a product+service experience story around the constraints of that context.

Two methods could be used for the matching: spreading all of the cards out and matching them up; or, blindly drawing from each of the three decks and working with what you draw by chance. Groups described all of their concepts and then acted out their favorite concept in a 1-2-minute skit.

Inspired by Matt Cottam’s CIID workshop 2009

Concepts explored: Narratives structures, context of interaction, product design, service design