After an initial briefing about the project and an interview for inspiration, as a team we decided to base our research on lifestyles and their effect on health, with a focus on people with T1 diabetes.

Over the next few days of interviews, observations and brainstorming around the researched data, we built a structure of insights and How might we’s.

The over-arching goals of our end project were then framed as ‘How might we create mainstream lifestyle trends inspired by the lifestyles of people with diabetes? ‘ and ‘ How might we create opportunities to express, share or engage in common tasks/interests/ activities ?’

These sentences were based on our insights that ‘expression of thought’ aids people with the constant stress involved in dealing with their illness and the insight that sharing common tasks enables people to understand each other better, as it helps break notions or preconceptions about each other (especially with regard to notions about diabetes).

This led us to build three concepts, of which one – called ‘Shout!!’ – was taken into the experience prototyping phase.

Experience prototyping of the initial idea helped us change and evolve our concept and value propositions further. We built paper prototypes initially and tested the interface with one of our correspondents, who shared great enthusiasm with our concept, and also looked at it critically giving us valuable insights into the values we thought about and the potential benefits it could have to the community.

Our concept then evolved into being an open platform for people who might need help immediately and with helping in community bonding which was quite a bit more than our initial idea of basic expression and joining events being the primary nature of the shouts.

We then built a prototype web interface of the same concept which was again tested to validate and share some ideas with respondents.

SHOUT !! is an open community platform enabling PWD to express thoughts, share experiences and lifestyle tips, aid in case of need or even air challenges to people around them in an expressive and pro-active way. Shouts can take any form, be it text, audio or even visual imagery.

SHOUT !! as a platform exists both as a mobile app and as a web app for personal computers, which essentially function as touch points for expression. Its map shows a number of location points and speech bubbles which may present voices in the form of text , audio or even visuals. A user of the application views the ecosystem of shouts can browse through them and also contribute with his own voice.

There is a memory layer where users can store previously stored locations of interesting places or conversations with people he/she got in touch with over ‘SHOUT !!’.

The service is a location based open platform which will target people with diabetes as a primary user group, but with a potential to diffuse into the general populace, who may find topics of common interest being discussed with regard to lifestyle choices. For example, helping out a person who has doubts with regard to general diabetes care or getting to know about all the organic food places in one area.

– One of the primary values we found was that of expression and how it helps in dealing with the daily stress involved in dealing with diabetes.
– Knowing that there are other people in the locality who share the same lifestyle or have found ways of dealing with diabetes and the various aspects of care involved could go a long way
– Shout could help in aiding people who might have immediate needs and need quick answers from members of the community
– People with diabetes could be viewed as thought leaders , especially with regards to having healthy, balanced lifestyles and this could have a great potential in diffusing out to the general public.

Value to NOVO:
– Novo as a thought leader and a pioneer, with regard to changing diabetes through encouraging the above values we spoke about with regard to PWD’s.
– A softer, caring brand image for Novo nordisk could be created , especially if people get to know that the backbone of such a system is being nurtured by the company.