On-time delivery is not about numbers to reach – it’s about promises to keep.

PROMISE2KEEP is a communication concept engaging employees at Mærsk Line in verbalising and sharing both personal and professional promises relating to their daily work.

The employees will be asked to share their individual promises at Mærsk replying an email coming from PROMISET2KEEP@MAERSK.COM. 

The received promises will be displayed together on the log-in screens of all employees working with a computer at Mærsk – displayed as a network of intersecting text strings.

This network of promises is in reference to how the employees work together and support each others responsibilities in order to keep their promises together. The individual promises submitted by the employees will be highlighted on their respective login-screen. The promises of colleagues will also highlight individually as the mouse cursor is hovered over them on the login-screen. If a promise is clicked, a dialogue-box will reveal who posted the promise and when. 

The network of promises can also be involved as a visual culture supporting other communication both as part of internal campaigns or externally towards clients or a wider public.