Living Images

An interesting perspective, eye catching colours of an abstract, contrast and the grain of a black and white, photographs of our friends and family…we have several reasons to click and keep photos.

As part of the project we did for Intel, we brainstormed around the various roles a photograph plays in our lives. Intel was interested in distributing the computing power of processors to creation and consumption part of the spectrum as well, where as now the intermediate editing stage consumes most of the processing power of a computer.

After several brainstorming sessions we decided to explore further on personal photographs. Photographs more than anything captures a moment in time; frozen in that moment are our family and friends, things that we care about.

Do meaning and context of a photo change if the photograph aged with its subjects? Can photographs age gracefully with its subjects? These were the questions we tried to explore through this project.

We came up with several scenarios assuming such an ageing photograph exists; how people would capture, share and tell stories with it. We used these explorations to design a highly conceptual tangible interface to navigate through such a photograph.