What is it?
Suffrage wants to narrate the history of Italy. It visually represents the evolution of Italy through the growth and decline, glory and shame, rise and death of Italian political parties.

Suffrage is unique in its approach since, along with the data for the each party, it also shows the silent growing of abstentionism. At present, almost one out of five Italians decides not to vote.

How does it work?
Suffrage is an ActionScript3 program that associates each party in each election since 1921 with a circle. The size of the circle is proportional to the absolute number of voters, while the height is proportional to the percentage of votes received.

For each election a circle with a thick blue border is shown to represent abstentionism. Pointing the mouse allows to retrieve more information on any given party.

What was your process?
Suffrage was developed in just 36 hours. The process followed the four typical phases of a data visualisation project: gathering, analysing, modeling, and visualising. The most recent data has been retrieved from while the oldest has been gathered from Wikipedia.