Soft Policy for Soft Drugs?

In Europe, approaches to drugs vary from liberal policies in the Netherlands where many ‘soft’ drugs (e.g.cannabis) are tolerated, to the harsh policies Finland which hands out life imprisonment for certain drug-related crimes.

Inspired by the people centered research design course, where there are dynamic shifts regarding conflict rights between the drug users and the local community, I decided to figure out the relationship between population and criminals among drug addicts in Europe – and how policies of cannabis law influence the crime rate.

For the data visualisation I designed to simple circle map representing an overlap showing all information for each country in order to to visually compare them. It is possible to sort the data in various ways by each layer, changes in crime rate by drug addicts and the population in Europe.

Early on in the process I used Excel to extract and analyse the data which is found by searching the clear statistics set. Action script was useful to explore my purpose within the limited time. Coming from a graphics background, I intentionally tried to avoid using Illustrator or other graphic materials, but rather use an Action script in order to get out of my comfort zone.