Since Voyager Left Us

It’s been 33 years since Voyager-1 left planet earth. It was not only sent into space as a scientific probe, but also as a ‘Message in a bottle’ to extraterrestrial beings who might come across the probe.

The message was that Humans exist in this planet they call earth and to describe it a ‘golden record’ was sent ,which contained a number of sounds, scenes and music portraying what the earth looked/sounded like in 1977.

What if voyager is intercepted today? If extraterrestrials do intercept the probe, can they recognise earth from the data sent, is the question which compelled me to make this visualisation.

The images and sounds sent are a starting point for all the comparisons seen in the visualisation. For example, whale sounds were sent along with a fishing scene on the golden record, so I tried to compare the population of blue whales to the increase in fishery production since 1977.

Similar comparisons were made inspired by other data sent, such as :
Does the earth look the same? Does it have the same percentage of carbondioxide on it? Does it have the same green cover? Are children living to be healthier or weaker? What is the situation with the population ?

It is obvious today that the situation on planet earth is way different when compared to 1977 and this Data Visualisation tries to show the progress of man compared to the digress of the environment, along the path and time taken by Voyager since its launch.