It’s a small world

It’s a small world is a data visualisation commenting on the effects of three very different power producing technologies. The three biggest disasters in human history caused by nuclear power plants, coal plants and wind turbines are compared in terms of immediate death toll, the radius of the affected area and the number of people living inside the affected area of the accident.

The world map is blatantly manipulated showing only the countries where the accidents have occurred. This decision was made to emphasise the key argument in the visualisation – The world is small and the decisions we make in one small local part of the world might have fatal consequences on a wider global scale.

This visualisation only focuses on the human effects of the disasters. To broaden the picture it could be further relevant to visualie the costs, efficiency and general environmental consequences of these power producing technologies.

The visualisation is drawn in Illustrator and a simple navigation and zooming program has been written in Action Script, enabling a closer exploration and reading on the disasters and their consequences. The visual look is kept in a simple monochrome style to underline the dystopian subject matter.