Worldwide Media

At the same time as Libya’s dictator Gadaffi caused the massive rebellion from a great part of the inhabitants a major earthquake in Japan occurred and together those two stories caused a massive news boom.

The worldwide media was covered from beginning to end with coverage from the two hotspots and it was like all other news stories became water compared to them. One day when I was watching a Danish news channel just to see what was happening besides in Japan and Libya, it surprised me how relatively important and big news was swept under the rug, news that under other circumstances would have made it all the way to the front pages.

In my search for data to make a data visualisation from I started thinking of the news as the quantitative data that could be measured over time in order to see the big picture and compare stories media coverage. When the year is over you can use it to resume what happened and see what will go into the history books.

The idea is that each news story stream is represented by a color and when the curser is held over a story its keywords will appear. The stories are put on top of each other to show how they relate to each other. The time is on the x axis and media coverage on y.

In the example, three days of news was collected every second hour from news sites from all over the world to compose the data visualisation.