Sebastian Rønde Thielke

Country: Denmark
Area of Expertise: Web/Interface Design, Sound/Music Production

Sebastian comes from a music background. In his late teenage years he spent all of his time dj-ing and participating in various dj-battles around Scandinavia. Later on, he moved into music production, still using the turntable as a key element in his productions.

Wanting to be able to create visuals for his music, he started looking into design. He began studying at the technical school of Copenhagen learning about digital photography, web design and animation. This led him to the Danish Design School where he fell in love with the world of interaction design. He has just finished his third year of studying at DKDS so CIID was an obvious next step.

Even though he has almost forgotten his original reason for studying design, Sebastian still has a connection to music in a lot of his projects. In one project he made a music-playing ping-pong table and in his bachelor thesis, he investigated new ways of visualising and interacting with personal music collections.