Jesper Svenning

Country: Denmark
Area of Expertise: User experience, Programming, Research and Analysis.

Jesper has a Bachelors in Information Studies from Århus University. Although Information Studies is a very interdisciplinary course – ranging from communication and sociology to programming – his main focus has mostly been on user experience, programming and digital aesthetics.

During his Bachelor degree, Jesper went to Stockholm to study at the Royal Institute of Technology and at Stockholm University. Here, he did some hands-on courses and realised that this approach appealed much more to him. This is where he had his first encounter with interaction design and was immediately blown away.

After returning to Denmark he decided to pursue the interaction design field and luckily found CIID. While writing his bachelor thesis he has been an intern at an interaction design bureau and at a consultancy that specialises in user driver innovation and sustainability.

On the Interaction Design Programme, Jesper’s goal was to do a lot of physical computing and to find a beautiful and meaningful way of merging the physical and the virtual world.