Jacek Barcikowski

Country: Poland
Area of Expertise: Web Design & Development, Software Usability, Incurable Visionary

Jacek started his professional carrier as a freelance web developer and designer at the beginning of the XXI century. He graduated from University of Warmia & Mazury’s Computer Science program in 2005 and after that started a Master’s degree in Computer Science at Poznan University of Technology.

During his time as a freelancer, Jacek has experienced – in every possible way – the immaturity of technology that stands behind software and devices. Those experiences drove him to completely rethink his approach to the way he works on the projects. That is why he has decided to change his perspective from being technology oriented to be more user oriented.

First he went deeper into usability and soon realised that he was enjoying the fact that few simple enhancements here and there can provide a real boost in productivity for people using software. He also started to pay attention to good as well as bad examples of design of everyday things. Soon after, being an incurable visionary and a geek at the same time, Jacek started to think about incorporating technology into the environment so it would invisibly improve the people’s lives.

However, because for Jacek the distance from thought to deed is always a long way up the hill, he decided to join CIID to learn how to materialise his ideas and work with people that look at opportunities from different perspectives while looking in the same direction.

Website: http://www.skylined.pl/