Filippo Cuttica

Country: Italy
Area of Expertise: Interaction Design, Design Research, Media Art

Constantly looking for a different way to give shape to his ideas, Filippo is interested in the Design Process. He likes to think that more than solving problems design can raise interesting questions, and that, through its pervasive power it can reach people’s minds and hearts.

He graduated from ISIA Roma Design, Italy. During his studies he developed a special interest in the social impact of design that lead him to a final thesis on a system for humanitarian mine detection. The aim of the thesis was to discover how design methodology and cheap technology can improve the quality of life in extreme contexts.

Working as a freelancer since 2005 he visited many design fields, from service to product, passing through GUI, TUI, but also typography and motion graphics. Since 2007, he has played an active role in New Media Art, Prank Art, and Hactivism, using the streets, the internet and the word of mouth to lead his audience into semantic pitfalls. With the collective IOCOSE, he has exposed work in different galleries, museums, and events, and organised workshops and activities.

All of a sudden he bumped into CIID and was challenged by the opportunities offered by a human-centered approach to design and the amazing collaborative and multidisciplinary environment. He’s excited to see what will happen next.

When away from his laptop he is usually busy cooking vegetarian dishes or playing his guitar. He is proud of his obscure music tastes.