Eric Norman Stevenson

Nationality: USA

Expertise: Industrial Design / Glasformgiver

Concerned with the temporary nature of digital investments and the short time scale of human experience, Eric dreams of negotiating a balance between elemental craftsmanship, technological precision, and intrinsic value.

In the future, he imagines living in a cave, underneath a volcano, blowing obsidian vessels from the supple lava of the earth.

Or in a treehouse made of glass – high in the forest – watching the clouds glide across the sky. Today, he is interested in the advances of science and the ever-changing impact it has on our quality of life. He is obsessed with the eccentricities of the human mind and the boundaries of perception.

Really, he just wants to put his hands to good use; to make some stuff that makes some people happy and helps some people out.

{In Case of Emergency – Break Glass}