David Sjunnesson

Country: Sweden
Area of Expertise: Physical Prototyping

David is an interaction designer with expertise in physical prototyping in both educational and professional work. After finishing his bachelor studies in interaction design he continued working at Malmo University as head of the physical prototyping laboratory. There he held courses for both faculty and students, giving him good insight in to the educational practices of design.

During the same timeframe, he also started a design studio called 1scale1 where he worked with four colleagues for different clients around the world for education, product development and innovation.

Many of his projects are made for the opensource community and he has a belief that the grassroots movement springing from the new possibilities of digital fabrication and sharing of knowledge will revolutionise the economy. Because of that, he is currently setting up Sweden’s first FabLab together with Malmo City and other stakeholders which will open up great possibilities for the Oresund region.

One great passion he has is about the development of new intuitive physical interfaces and not about creating a new VCR that nobody can program. If you have to read the manual to understand how to use an everyday object, it is too complicated.

Website: 1scale1.com