Anders Højmose

Country: Denmark
Area of Expertise: Flash, Creative Coding and interactive AD

Anders has finished the 3-year basic programme at The Danish Design School with focus on interaction design. He is very interested in the creative design process and strongly believes in user-insights, open-minded concept development and prototyping as a path to greater design solutions. His undergraduate project was an interactive ‘climate lounge’ that used interactive installation media as a platform for debate and discussion about the ongoing climate debate. Anders is interested in open source projects such as Processing, Arduino and Open Frameworks, and likes to experiment with dynamic graphics and tangible interfaces.

Besides school, Anders has worked on many different online projects, both as a freelancer and as a junior interactive art director at the Copenhagen based creative agency, Plant. He has worked with clients such as Microsoft, Vice and Vs. Magazine and one of his ongoing projects is Formlös: a web shop selling nice creative items in collaboration with his brother. Action Script 3 is his preferred scripting language and he enjoys making dynamic creative flash-based online content.