The Sad Symphony of Abandoned Products

The melancholy of consumerism and lost love

What started as an investigation into the sounds of everyday life, everyday products and how music might play a role in consumers relationship with products – ended as a personal crisis and mental breakdown.

The Sad Symphony of Abandoned Products is a journey into the troubled mind of a young man struggling with both inner and outer conflicts. It is a highly personal story. A story about consumerism and love. About feeling alone and useless and using this feeling as tool for creation. A sort of mental inversion of emotions and feelings.

To escape his miserable state of mind Sebastian joined forces with a collection of equally miserable consumer electronics. Electronics that for unknown reasons has been abandoned by their owners. Either they were malfunctioning or else they were maybe left in favor of a new and ‘better’ product.

Together Sebastian and the abandoned products pulled themselves out of misery. By giving the products the ability to create music, he gave them a new meaning, a new raison d’etre, and thus Sebastian himself found his way out of his misery.

The sad symphony consists of a small collection of everyday electronic products that emit sound and music when you interact with them, as you would normally do when using them for what the where originally designed to do. It is as though the products cry or hum in harmony, mourning the terrible fate of so many other products that for no reason other than new trends or technological advancement, are thrown out.

Advisor: David Gauthier