Creating an environment for collaborative consumption

Stuffomat is a service that provides residents of local communities convenient access to shared home appliances. The service facilitates the processes of sharing objects by providing the necessary touch-points and infrastructure.

The willingness to share is natural for most people. Still, the feeling of fear that accompanies this process sometimes overcomes the eventual agreement to share things. Before even thinking about the possibility of sharing, “what if?” questions arise in people that have never tried to share with others. Stuffomat answers those questions.

When purchasing appliances, we do not consider the fact that the product spends most of its life unused – hidden in the cupboard. Ten modern families will own ten washing machines and ten blenders – but most of them are not used at the same time.

Stuffomat provides a space for placing and sharing home appliances in an apartment building. All members of the service can book an object in advance through a website or a mobile phone, or just use it whenever the object is available. The service adapts itself to the members needs and adjusts the number of items available. It also proposes solutions to maximise the time usage of products.

As members will use these home appliances in a pay-as-you-go model, the service provides additional business value for the retailers and manufacturers. It will enable them to sell products as services and allow them to benefit from the whole product lifecycle. For members, the Stuffomat model is also more flexible than the standard ownership model as it allows access to appliances that in many cases they might not want (or be able) to pay for individually.

The service also ensures members that the home appliances they use everyday are available on the spot, taken care of and replaced when needed with the best quality available, without any additional cost or effort on their part.

Advisor: Niels Clausen-Stuck