Sense Pairs

A cultural probe, a comment and a game to raise awareness of blindness

Sense Pairs is an exploration in to our perception of blindness compared to what it really is. Condensing facts and aspects of blindness and placing these onto a game platform which we are familiar with, Sense Pairs aims to draw attention to the importance of training and using senses as a means of wayfinding, communication and collaboration on a common ground.

Sense Pairs consists of three parts: tactile, sound and light. It is a 1-2 player memory game with the objective of finding the matching pairs on the platform.

Tactile Pairs is to be played while wearing blindfolds, Sound Pairs leaves it up to the players to decide if they wear a blindfold or not – and Light Pairs is to be played without.

Rules of the game:
-Each player can open two slots in a turn
-The opened slots have to be ‘seen’ by both players
-If the opened slots don’t match, the next player needs to cover them up to continue the his/her turn
-Once a player matches a pair, he/she collects them
-Each pair is worth one point
-The objective is to gather more points than your opponent
-The single player game is a challenge against time.

Rather than focusing on the disability facet of being blind, as well as making our own assumptions and taking the path to create another tool of aid – is it possible have a look at it from a different angle to understand and learn from this state of living? The particular alternative ways of doing and the powerful characteristics of living with no light perception could provide useful insight to improve our designs, our way of living and our behaviours, as well as our communication with the blind community.

In this sense, Sense Pairs is a cultural probe, a comment and a game that raises awareness of blindness – and of our senses.

Advisor: Joachim Halse