What if you had an object that behaves like an Italian grandma in the kitchen?

Food is food: not nutrition, not a task in a day. But sometimes we forget that and we find ourselves eating junk food – especially if we live alone and there is nobody to care of or to take care of us. The main problem isn’t that this habit can affect our silhouette but more importantly it’s a matter health and lifestyle.

There are different ways to approach the problem: in this project, the key word is ‘irony’, used to build a service called “A vôl Savût” (all you need to do it is “Savût”) that takes metaphorical inspiration from the attitude of an Italian Grandma.

The service revolves around an object called Savût (a dialectal word that means know-all). This object stands in the kitchen and tracks your food. Based on what you have in the fridge, it provides you with daily recipes or suggestions for what to buy when you are shopping. It reacts in different ways depending your behaviour around food, trying to make you aware of your choices.

Though the service, the object is able to contact you during the day with advice on what to buy if your fridge is empty or to match what you have in the fridge with the ingredients in your friend’s kitchen in order to plan a spontaneous dinner between you.

The object, being the main the touchpoint of the service, and the one with which the user interacts the most, is the aspect of the project that has been pushed furthest in the prototyping phase.

Savût is an electronic object that doesn’t have any basic elements of a TUI such as a button or display. The method of interaction is based on gestures and behaviour so the challenge was to understand how to collect, communicate and provide clear information. Not being just a functional object, but an object that metaphorically acts as a Grandma, it doesn’t always do what it’s suppose to do, and can be annoying.

Advisor: Vinay Venkatraman