Ride Society

Capture track and share your rides

Ride Society is a mobile-based toolset designed for freeskiers – people skiing in snowparks and the backcountry. Besides being a mobile application, Ride Society consists of a series of outerwear to support the mobile experience and an online community. Together these parts create a small ecosystem. Freeskiing is all about having fun and enjoying the mountains – one of the main goals in this project was to build on that.

The mobile application lets you track, capture and share activities on the mountain. It also works as a social tool to lets you know who is around to ride with on a specific mountain. You can film your friends, track your speed and wipe-outs – and when using the supported outerwear you can shoot first-person video. You simply place your mobile device securely in the chest-pocket and by using the record button built-in to your jacket you can start recording videos even in high speed or difficult terrain. Ride Society supports instant sharing of footage, so you can see in real-time what tricks your friends are learning, push yourself and become a better skier.

The online community lets you browse footage, discuss, publish and share content with other freeskiers. Moving away from the relatively small mobile screen you will have a much better option for browsing, editing and analysing footage. This will also be a place for in-depth tracking of your personal progress, setting goals and discussing freeskiing topics.

The focus for prototyping this project wasn’t on the web-based community, but it still exists as an important part of the eco-system. The final prototype consists of an iPhone app and modified a jacket to support first person video. The fully working prototype is a strong tool for presenting and gaining feedback from the freeskiing community and potential partners in the industry.

The motivation for exploring freeskiing through interaction design comes from a great personal interest, fascination of mountains and a lot of great experiences while skiing.

Advisor: David Gauthier