Memory Capsules

Record and keep your memories

There is a type of fable that is actually true: grandparent’s stories. Those oral tales are pieces of biographies, real life stories and fables at the same time. They are a way to share knowledge and cast experiences in narrative form.
Those stories are often testimonies of historical facts and ultimately clues about one’s personal life, values and experiences. Preserving personal family stories is a common practice and people do it in different ways using different media.

Oral stories are halfway between structured storytelling and simple memories. Memory Capsules leverage storytelling to a simple structure and empower elderly people to actively contribute to the process of recording what they have to say. Each story can be divided into single episodes or moments that are mentally represented by images. Communicating these stories is about communicating different elements in order to inspire images in the audience. When this happens, a connection is created: a common territory between two worlds.

Memory Capsules is a service that provides the tools to record audio files in the shape of capsules, to keep them in a safe virtual space and to transform the virtual object in a physical heirloom. Every episode is an image and every image is a story. Those are the bricks – the capsules – that will form a longer story, or that are themselves a little one.

Through a mobile application, elderly people can record and edit audio files themselves or a family member can interview them. The mobile application automatically syncs with an online profile on the Memory Capsule website, where the elderly person or family member can edit the audio capsule, organise capsules in chains, upload audio files and invite people to collaborate on creating a particular story.

When a story is finished, a dedicated mini-website provides the possibility to order and buy a customisable physical object. These physical capsules can playback single audio files and are meant to be long lasting heirlooms. Keep them in a jar, in a box under the bed or give them as a gift. Then, one day, by chance, listen to the voice again.